Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a query in relation to YUKÕ Toyota Car Club, please browse the below questions to see if the information is of help to you.

How Can I get in Contact with Yuko Support?

You can contact our support team by phone: 016 918 816 or by e-mail:

What is Car Sharing?

City living often means high costs and high emissions, and travelling around can be difficult with crowded roads and few parking spaces. Our solution? A Toyota Hybrid shared car ready to go when you are. As a member of YUKÕ Toyota Car Club you’ll have access to a car parked nearby whenever you need it, making city mobility simple and environmentally friendly all at great value for money. And, as we take care of tax and insurance, you can drive worry-free.

What types of vehicles are available?

Our entire fleet is Hybrid. Below is a list of our cars and specifications.
Yaris - Automatic, Smart card entry, Sat Nav, Reverse camera, Full Bluetooth and online connectivity, In- car communication with YUKÕ support, Safety sense
Auris - Automatic, Smart card entry, Sat Nav, Reverse camera, Full Bluetooth and online connectivity, In- car communication with YUKÕ support, Safety sense, Heated seats
Toyota C-HR - Automatic, Smart card entry, Sat Nav, Reverse camera, Full Bluetooth and online connectivity, In- car communication with YUKÕ support, Safety sense, Heated seats

What is Hybrid?

A hybrid combines a petrol engine with an electric motor, powered by a battery which the car charges for itself. You never have to plug it in. Every time you use the brakes, ‘regenerative braking’ recharges the batteries.

Where are your cars located?

Our cars are located in Dublin! Check out our locations map!
If you have any suggestions on where you’d like to see a YUKÕ drop us an email:

How Do I Unlock / Lock the vehicle?

Your YUKÕ vehicle can be unlocked by tapping your smartcard linked to your account onto the blue box on the drivers' side of the windscreen. You will see a green light appear and the doors will unlock. To lock the vehicle please tap this card on the blue box again and you will hear the doors lock.

Do I pay for parking and where can I park?

Your YUKÕ can be parked for free in any public parking space, in the Dublin City Council territory.
Please return the vehicle onto the same street you picked it up from at the end of your booking.
If you can’t return it onto the street you picked it up from please contact customer support ASAP.
01 691 8816 or email
You must be legally parked 24/7. Beware not to park in taxi ranks, bus lanes, private spaces, loading bays, clear ways or take up 2 spaces. The clampers will have a field day.
In the event of your YUKÕ being clamped due to any of the above, you will be charged for the removal of clamp plus a €10 YUKÕ admin fee.

Do you have one way trips?

Not at the moment. You must return the car where you picked it up from.

The car is low on fuel, what do I do?

Our maintenance teams refuel the YUKÕ vehicles on a regular basis. After heavy use, from time to time the fuel might be low. If you are low on fuel during your booking and need to refuel, there is a fuel card located at the side of the Telematics box beside the rear view mirror. You will recieve the pin for this in your booking confirmation email before your booking begins. Remember to enter the Reg and Millage each time, the reg can be found on the fuel card and you can find the millage on the vehicle's odometer.

What garages accept your fuel cards?

View all garages that accept fuel card here :

Do you have an app?

Yes available for both Android and ios.

How do I join?

Ready to YUKÕ? Join us here.

Suspending your membership

Please contact support to suspend your account for the time you don’t need it. When you’re ready to YUKÕ again, give customer support a buzz to reactivate your account. Email: Phone: 016 918 816

What is the age limit for drivers?

You must be aged between 20 – 79 years to drive a YUKÕ.

Are there any monthly fees / Subscription fees?

No! :) You will only pay for what you use!

Can I join with an international license?

Yes in most cases, check it out with

Adding additional drivers to your account

Anyone who lives at your address can be added to your YUKÕ Toyota Car Club account as a driver. It’s simple, they can join for free and they’ll receive their own smartcard. All bookings will be charged to the same account.

How to pay

The hire cost is debited 2 hours before your booking. When you bring back a vehicle early, you will still be charged for the full length of the original booking made, unless it is subsequently booked out by another member. If you travel more than 50km you will be charged for this after your booking.

Car hire costs

Our prices start at €8 per hour or €55 a day. The in car technology will work out how long you’ve had the car and how far you’ve travelled. The hire cost is worked out on the duration of your booking in fifteen minute blocks. On every booking you get 50km free fuel and only 10c per km after this! Check out our Pricing Page for more info!

Speeding fines / Tolls?

Toll charges are the member's responsibility, if unpaid they will be issued to the members account with an additional admin fee.  
Speeding fines will be re-issued in the members name and forwarded to the driver in question.

Thinking of the next driver
  • As we all know the cars are shared amongst other members too. Please keep that in mind and leave the cars how you’d like to find them.
  • Smoking or transporting pets within a YUKÕ is not allowed.
  • Please do your best to leave the cars clean, free of litter, and don’t forget to pick up your belongings.
  • And remember to turn off all lights and close all windows when you’ve finished using the car.
  • You always leave automatic cars in Park (P)

Please note: There will be a €25 penalty should you break any of these conditions.
If you have an accident

We’re here for you to contact immediately so we can give you the best advice of what to do and put a plan together for whatever may be needed, such as vehicle recovery. Phone: 016 918 816
Should you be at fault for the accident, you’ll have to pay an excess as per our current terms and conditions. If the other party is at fault, YUKÕ Toyota Car Club’s fully comprehensive insurance will cover the cost.

What is the insurance excess?

There is an insurance excess of €1000 if you would like to reduce this to €200 you can pay a waiver fee of €4 a month. Get in touch if you would like our support team to add this waiver to your account. Email:

In the event of a breakdown

All YUKÕ Toyota Car Club cars are covered by roadside assistance policy, so if you break down, contact us and we will sort everything out. Should this happen, please stay with the vehicle. Phone: 016 918 816

How to check your credit balance

To check your credit balance, please follow the below steps:
- Log into your account
- Select Accounts from left hand side tab.
- Select All Accounts.
- Select Manage Accounts from the right hand side.
- Select Transactions.
You will now see your credit balance.